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Performance Golf Specialist & Golf Club Fitter

For over 20 years, Jeff Shuster has made it his mission to take your game to the next level. Jeff uses the latest Trackman 4 Launch Monitor technology along with his years of experience and data collection to analyze your game and determine the best solutions to achieving your goals. Read More Less About Jeff >

Jeff will then custom craft your new clubs in house, controlling all aspects of the build and quality to ensure the delivered product will perform exactly as it did in your fitting session.

Offering only the best brands on the market, Jeff Shuster Golf is able to deliver a truly brand agnostic custom club fitting process to ensure you are buying the best clubs to maximize your performance.

Jeff has personally helped golfers of all levels to perform to their maximum potential. He works with Juniors, Men, Women, College Golfers and Professional Golfers.

Jeff Shuster believes in tailoring your equipment to your personal needs. He takes the amount of time necessary and utilizes his extensive years of experience to analyze your unique requirements — the outcome being optimal equipment that is custom built for you and your game.

A proper golf club fitting is the most important investment you can
make when purchasing golf clubs.

Club fitting enables golfers to find the right equipment to play better golf. Whether you’re looking to hit it straighter and further, avoid a big miss or take advantage of the newest and best equipment from top manufacturers, a club fitting with Jeff Shuster can help you find what you need to play better golf and have confidence in the performance of the clubs you choose.

Jeff Shuster About Photo


Fitter, Builder, Business Development

Rob is a Humber College graduate from the Professional Golf Management Program, with a background in telecommunications and a diploma in Mechanical Engineering from Durham College. Read More Less About Rob >

Over the course of these experiences, Rob came to realize club fitting was a fascinating part of the game that he loved. At Humber College, he took a special interest in the latest golf technologies including Trackman; Rob is now Level 2 certified with Trackman, and is passionate about testing and building high-end golf equipment. Rob met Jeff at Humber College when Jeff was consulting on the construction of their new build shop and fitting system; Rob soon went on to work alongside Jeff to help stock and outfit the facility.

Rob says, “I chose to work with Jeff because I believe that his extensive expertise, attention to detail and personal approach to fitting and building allows him to produce the highest quality products using the best equipment in the world.”

The idea that the same expert fitter becomes your expert builder allows for complete control of the process as well as the final product. It is this personalized approach that is Jeff Shuster’s largest competitive advantage, and the reason Rob chose to work with Jeff.

It is my aspiration to find the right equipment for every customer that complements the positive aspects of their game, negates the negative aspects and promotes growth in their playing ability. I am confident in my knowledge that I can assist you in ridding yourself of the ill-fitted equipment that hinders this performance and masks your true ability to play better golf and enjoy this wonderful game.