March 26 2014

The Setup

This product review is of the Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 9*, The head was set to 8* D and the Gravity Core was installed for low spin.


As you know the Callaway BB has been one of the most talked about products for 2014.  The shape of the head is very much reminiscent of the original big bertha.  The head is very compact looking from the top as it is has a deeper pear shaped profile.  This took me a little getting used to coming from my Titleist 913 D3.  Although both heads are 440cc, the Titleist looks like a 460cc when compared to the BB Alpha.

The Colour is really sexy.  It is very cool looking from the sole perspective with the red white and blue, highlighting the new Gravity Core weight port which allows you to adjust the center of gravity higher or lower to affect the spin rate by roughly 400rpms according to Callaway's R&D. The blue paint on the bottom fades to a deep midnight blue on the crown, which gives it a very clean almost black look to it with no markings at all on the top.

Look Rating – 5/5


Don't ask me why, but I perceived that this head would have a very hard feeling face with little feedback, which I am not a fan of.  I like to feel the ball come of the clubface.  As I mentioned earlier, I have been playing the Titleist driver for many years because I like the feel off the face.  I was pleasantly surprised that this was not the case. After my first swing I was sold. The ball coming off the face felt great.  It had a lot of feedback and it was hot, and the ball went #boom!

Feel Rating – 5/5


The performance of this head is outstanding.  I was playing on my 'home away from home' course and I certainly hit this driver into spots that I rarely have before.  Now, I did not have my Flightscope launch monitor with me to check numbers, but it was a far more penetrating ball flight than what I am used to seeing with my driver.  I played two rounds with a couple of my 'junior' players who are no longer junior, they are both currently playing the tours in Florida and they were not out driving me by very much at all.  I may have even hit second into a couple of greens...As for forgiveness, I have to say that I prefer a smaller head which forces me to hit the center of the face more often, but of course not all of the time.  The off center hits on this face resulted in very little distance loss.

Performance Rating – 5/5


Although this at the high end of the cost spectrum.  If you are a low to mid handicapper looking for more distance, feel and performance, which I think most of us are, then this driver is certainly one worth considering.

Performance Rating – 5/5


  • Look’s great cosmetically, and at address
  • I really like the feel of the ball coming off the face.
  • Forgiveness on off center hits.



  • Price point is a little high
  • I find the adjustable hosel to be somewhat limited