March 31 2014

The Setup

The Oban Kiyoshi Tour LTD 60 gram in 04 (Stiff Flex) assembled to 45" with a PURE Pro Standard black grip.  The head used for this testing was the Callaway Big Bertha Alpha set to 8* “D” setting with the Gravity Core weight installed to promote lower spin.


The colour combinations of the golf shafts and heads I fit to the individual are always secondary to the performance numbers, but when the cosmetics blend nicely such is the case with this combination, it is certainly a nice bonus.  The Kiyoshi Tour LTD is new lighter shade of blue with some very cool colour effects mixed in to the upper portion of the shaft along with the traditional OBAN shaft band markings in white with black accents, which pair perfectly with this driver head.  Honestly, in the past, I have taken a fair bit of flack for my Kiyoshi Purple driver shaft however performance is what I let do my talking.  The less ‘conspicuous’ blue colour is very distinct, yet subtler than the purple.

Look Rating – 5/5


I have been a fan of the OBAN line of shafts since they first came to market in 2008.  I played the Devotion for a couple of years and I have played the Kiyoshi Purple since OBAN launched the Kiyoshi line in 2010.  The Kiyoshi Tour LTD with its new 4-axis Multi-Plex Technology is taking shaft manufacturing to a new level of performance and feel.  Let me tell you, the feel of this golf shaft is exceptional.  I could feel the shaft throughout the entire swing.  It had very smooth transitions at the top as well as through impact.  I usually play a 70-75 gram shaft in my driver, but I tested the 60 gram shaft in this one as it weighed in at 68 grams.  The 50’s range from 58-60, the 60’s range form 65-69, and the 70’s range from 78-79, all varying based on flex.  I am not sure why the difference in listed weight to actual shaft weights.

Feel Rating – 4/5


Once again OBAN continues to impress me with the feel and performance of their shafts.I hit this shaft/driver combination5-7 yards longer than my current setup.  The Mid Launch and Low-Mid spin characteristics are bang on for how I launch my drives. The Kiyoshi Tour LTD will go into my bag as a new gamer and my Kiyoshi Purple will remain asa backup driver.

Performance Rating – 5/5


Not unlike most of the products we offer, at Jeff Shuster Golf Services, performance and feel come at a price.  This is no exception as it is now the highest price point in the OBAN line. My opinion -well worth the investment if these are the characteristics you are looking for in a shaft to give you that extra edge.

Value Rating – 4/5


  • The colour scheme is really nice.
  • The feel is fantastic as expected from a Kiyoshi
  • Consistency is evident
  • Performance is exceptional


  • Price point  (Although, as always, you get what you pay for)