April 15 2014
Accra Concept Series 1 Golf Shaft

The Setup

This product review is of the Accra CS1 70 Gram M4 shaft.  The shaft was installed in a Titleist 913 D3 8.5* head, gripped with PURE Black Grip.  The SureFithosel was set to standard A1 setting and the driver was built to 45" length.


This shaft was first introduced to a small group of Accra dealers back in January at the PGA Merchandise show.  At that time the shafts we saw and tested were still a prototype version and the production model.  In my opinion they have made some nice cosmetic changes from the prototype.  I have not been a huge fan of the graphics on some of the Accra shafts in the past, (no offence of course, just my personal taste) but having said that, I have had much success with all of their product lines.  This shaft is a charcoal/graphite colour with silver graphics.  The colour scheme is simple and classy.  Well done Gawain and Dave!

Look Rating – 4/5


The Accra CS1 is manufactured in Japan by a very high end, boutique foundry.  No expense was spared in the creation of this shaft.  Clients often ask me “why do you pay more for shafts made in japan”. The answer I give them is a simple one, “consistency and feel”.  I believe you could take any low to mid handicap golfer and do a “blind testing” if you will and they will almost always identify the Japan made shafts without knowing which one was made in Japan.  This shaft is no exception.  It feels awesome!  This is the best feeling shaft to date from Accra in my opinion.

Feel Rating – 5/5


This shaft absolutely lives up to what the boys at Accra were promising.  Just to give you an idea of how tight the manufacturing tolerances are on this shaft, every single shaft is independently tested for tolerances on the new S3 Shaft Profiling Machine and is shipped to us with a spec sheet showing every single spec you could want on a raw shaft.  On the first swing with this shaft, I was impressed by the performance.  It absolutely matches the feel, which is outstanding.  The consistency from butt to tip is unreal.  By know means am I the most consistent driver of the golf ball, but I know when I put a good swing on it, the shaft is right there with me throughout the swing.  I also let a couple of aspiring tour players hit it on the range and their feedback was consistent with my assessment of this shaft.

One of the things about Accra Shafts that I really like is that there frequencies, or flex’s are matched throughout their various weight classes.  Most manufacturers flexes will vary from softer to stiff as you move from lighter weights to heavier weights.  With Accra, the 50 gram stiff is the same frequency or flex rating as the 70 gram stiff.

Performance Rating – 5/5


This shaft is certainly in the Premium shaft category and with good reason.  As we say at JS Golf Services, performance and feel come at a price. Well worth the investment for the CS1.  The premium shaft competition out there is tough, but this shaft will be a go to for me in my fittings going forward.  It is available in 50, 60, and 70 grams in varying flexes.

Value Rating – 4/5


  • Graphics are sleek and subtle
  • Feel is the best yet from Accra
  • Consistency is phenomenal
  • Performance is exceptional


  • I have to say, I can’t think of any cons on this one.