April 22 2014

The Company

  • Veylix was created by J.C. Beeson, former VP of Matrix along in conjucntion with Solinco Sports, a high end tennis racquet company.
  • Designers include former designer of OZIK, as well as a designer of Solinco tennis racquets and an aeronautical engineer. These designers who came together to create truly “highHIGH end luxury” shafts made with only top of the line materials and top R&D efforts.
  • Even Although this is as a new company, being backed by a larger tennis company, they have the ability to piggy back off material and manufacturing to allow them to be competitive in today’s shaft market.

The Setup

This product review is of the Veylix Rome 7RA “Roughneck”. We tested both Stiffstiff and X flexflex’s. The shaft was installed in a Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 9* head, gripped with a PURE Pro Black Grip. The driver was built to 45” length and the hosel adaptor was left at Standard loft, and Neutral setting.


This shaft is very sleek and with a hi-tech looking. The shaft is finished in a highhigh gloss black paint with white graphics. The Roughneck features an 11” tip section made of an anodyne nickel coated carbon weave, which is visible to the eye of the consumer. Another point of interest on the Veylix line of shafts is that with every product, the the features and materials are listed on the shaft next to the logo. This allows the so that the consumer to knowss exactly what which high end materials and manufacturing techniques are were used to produce that particular shaft .

Look Rating – 5/5


The consensus from amongst myself and the other players we had testing the shaft, with us is that this certainly a unique feeling shaft. The Roughneck is designed to be a ‘draw biased’ shaft. The way this is achieved is through the 11” anodyne nickel carbon weave which causes the shaft toshaft to have a stiffer Tip design and a softer mid-section., This which creates a sledge hammersledgehammer effect causing the head to close faster through impact leading to a straight to draw ball flight. You can most certainly feel that closing affect just prior to impact. We all agreed that the driver felt a bit heavy with regards to swing weight with this shaft installed. This could be easily resolved by using the adjustablethe adjustable weights in the head to reduce the swing weight..

Feel Rating – 4/5


The materials used by Veylix to manufacture these shafts are second to none. Currently in the shaft market, you will not find other shafts with using over a 24T modulus for under $600. This shaft as you will see right on the shaft is made from 40T modulus and comes in well under that hefty price tag.

As noted above, this shaft produces a straight to a draw bias, as the company claims. The unique thing about the draw biasis characteristic, is that if we were to adjust ‘Tip” the shaft ‘ (eg; trim it from the tip end ), it would in essence reduce that draw effect as a result of lessoning the 11” tip section. What I like about this shaft is that although it has a very stable tip section, it is not as low launching, as you might think. This pairs very nicely with today’s lower spinning heads.

This shaft is not for everyone by any means, but it sure absolutely does performs and feels exactly as the company claims. It is definitely has draw bias! shaft!

Performance Rating – 5/5


This is consistent with other comparable offerings at JS Golf Services. This is a high end premium shaft, which of course comes at a price. If you are looking to ‘promote’ a draw with your driver, this is one shaft you must to try.

A couple of nice bonuses from Veylix:

  • All shafts built by Authorized Veylix Partners carry a limited Lifetime warranty.
  • All Veylix shafts can be ordered with custom CPM and weight requests.
  • ll Veylix golf shafts are tested in the U.S.A. for CPM (2 location minimum), weight (rounded to .1g), load consistency (uUniversal roll test), and torque.
  • A portion of all proceeds from Veylix shaft sales go to support two organizations:
    • Radiance: a Veylix partner building tech schools in Uganda
    • NEGU: a pediatric cancer foundation dedicated to inspiring kids to “Never Ever Give Up” in their fight against cancer
  • All Veylix wood shafts come with a Veylix ball bag and cleaning cloth.

Value Rating – 4/5

  • Graphics are really nice s. Simple yet sexy.
  • This shaft feels and performs just as they say it should.
  • Made from the highest quality materials.
  • Performance is great.
  • Very unique shaft, however it is not going to be suitable for everyone.