July 17 2014

How important is having your new or even existing golf clubs custom fit for your personal and unique swing?

Very important!  Every touring pro, golf coach and manufacturer talks about the importance of having properly fitted equipment and it applies even more so to the amateur golfer who doesn't have the skill level to adapt to ill fit equipment.

So how important is it to have a custom club builder - someone you can trust to understand and have the knowledge of how to build your custom fit clubs so the final product is exactly what you were fitted for?  

Very important!  There is no sense in going through the fitting process if the final product is not what was determined to optimize the results of your particular swing characteristics.

As I talked about in my previous blog, a proper club fitting begins with an interview process.  We need to learn about the golfer and understand their expectations.  Why are they seeking help with their game, what are they wanting to improve and how can the club fitting process and custom built clubs help them to reach their goals?

If we want to optimize the equipment for a golfer, we must first understand the unique characteristics of his/her swing by gathering data and specifications to evaluate how we can improve their performance by using new, or the existing equipment that they currently have.  

The building process is crucial to optimizing the feel and performance of custom fit golf clubs, and it makes most sense to be fit at a custom fitting studio where the builder is intimately involved in the building process to ensure that your new clubs be truly optimized for feel and performance as determined during the fitting process.

How many times have you tried a friend’s driver, hit it great and then rushed out to buy the same one only to be disappointed that it didn't perform as well?  This is because no two golf clubs are exactly the same.  The only way to achieve this is to measure, quantify and match all of the various characteristics of the golf club which is something only a qualified club builder can achieve.There are characteristics such as swing weight which is the relative weight of the head of the golf club, grip size, length and total weight which contribute to the FEEL of the club which allows you to best operate the golf club on a more consistent and repeatable basis.

Your fitter/builder must be involved in the entire process to in order to ensure you are delivered what you were fit for.

Remember, no matter what the manufacturers claim in their advertising, a golf club consists of only three components, a head, a shaft and, a grip and is designed to accommodate the masses.  It is only through the custom fitting and building of the best suited components which results in the best fit equipment.

At Jeff Shuster Golf, we custom fit and build your equipment to ensure our promised results.

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