October 08 2014

Titleist has launched it’s new line up of woods for 2015 which will be available at retail November 14th.

I had the pleasure of testing the full line of drivers, fairways and hybrids recently and I was impressed as always with Titleist’s new line up. The look and the feel of these clubs are fantastic! They will likely find there way into my bag for my trips down south this winter.

The line up remains similar with some subtle changes in loft offerings. The offerings include:

Drivers – D2 460cc features a pear profile with higher launch, and D3 440cc and deeper pear profile designed to produce a lower flight with less spin.

Fairways – 915F 175cc features a full pear profile with more forgiveness and 915Fd 160cc more traditional pear profile,
The loft offerings have changed slightly with the 915F offering (13.5, 15, 16.5, 18, 21) the 16.5, and 18 are new this year, and the 915Fd offering (13.5, 15)

Hybrids – 915H 118cc featuring a slight pear shape with a fuller rounder shape offers forgiveness and slightly higher launch and spin and 915Hd 107cc which is a small pear shape with a very slight offset designed for distance and shot control producing a flatter trajectory with less spin.
The loft offerings have changed in the hybrids as well with the 915H offering (18, 21, 24, 27) and the 915H offering (17.5, 20.5, 23.5)

Most notable in the new 915’s is the Active Recoil Channel, which is not new to the industry, but is new for Titleist.
The Active Recoil Channel is a long, deep, forward positioned and runs along the forward position of the sole. This channel is designed with the purpose of creating a ‘flex’ at impact and recoil to launch the ball off of the face with higher speed and lower spin.

Along with the Active Recoil Channel, they have increased the MOI yet again with a new ultra thin, high speed face insert to increase ball speed across the entire face.

This new technology was most noticeable to me in the fairways and hybrids since we impact these clubs on the lower portion of the face than we do the driver.
The face had a very buttery feel and you can really feel the channel recoil and shoot the ball of the face.

I am very pleased that Titleist did not mess around with their 16-way adjustable hosel. I still feel it is the best one on the market for dialing in the individual players needs.

I give this new line up from Titleist a big thumbs up once again. And the great thing about Titleist is that they will be in the line for 2 years, not 2 months