February 06 2015

Accra Golf is in my opinion one of the top shaft manufacturers that are constantly in pursuit of the best materials, partners and manufacturing processes available in todays market.

"We do not introduce new product without a significant performance improvement over current products."  Gawain Robertson

They have gone so far in their pursuit of perfection as to partner with Cool Clubs Golf to create the S3 shaft measuring device.  This amazing machine was designed and built by a brilliant young engineer by the name of , Simon Grondin (now R&D Manager for Cool Clubs) The S3 is currently the worlds most sophisticated shaft measuring device. 

This machine is a game changer.  It will ultimately hold all manufacturers to higher standards in their manufacturing processes. We can now test every shaft on the market and 'blue print' every single shaft.  The S3 will measure and print out a report showing: Straightness, EI Summary which is the flexural rigidity of the shafts, Frequency Summary including Average, Variation, as well as Torque Summary.  

All of this will further deepen club fitters knowledge of the shafts they carry and allow them to make more educated recommendations to their clients during the fitting process.  

If you would like any other information on Accra Golf products or would like to experience the Accra difference, please contact me. 416 500-7070,


Posted by: Jeff Shuster