July 29 2015

Hi Jeff,

Just another question, as with many golfers, i'm always trying to improve my swing, tweaking it and making slight adjustments (thinking it will actually improve my game, haha).  Do i need to have an established swing to do a club fitting and customized clubs? 


This is a very common question. 

I think it is safe to say that we are all constantly trying to improve our swing, making tweaks and adjustments.

Do you wait untill your swing is “where you want it” or do you address your equipment at this point in time?  

Here are my thoughts on this.  If we go back to the original statement you made.  Your swing is constantly evolving, changing, so when will it be where you want it to be? Well, Tour Players stiff have swing coaches, so the answer to this is, you will likely never stop working on your swing.

Addressing your golf equipment will only help you to improve your ball striking and achieve your goals.

Statistically, what you are currently using is likely not best suited to your swing.

Perhaps the length is not optimized, or maybe the shaft flex or weight is not best suited for you.  

Adjusting and optimizing these variables can only help you to achieve what you are trying to accomplish.  

Will you have to re-fit the clubs again as you implement swing changes?

Not likely, or if so, it would be minor tweaking such as Lie angle.  It is highly unlikely that your shaft requirements will change drastically to the point of having to re-build the clubs.  When I fit golfers and make my equipment recommendations, I take your current swing into account as well as where you are trying to go, thus building the best set possible to help you reach your goals.


Posted by: Jeff Shuster

 Jeff is a custom club fitter as well as builder with over 15 years experience in the field.  He his  helped to improve of the games of thousands of clients over the years from beginners to pros.  His  goal is to help you reach your goals and get you the the next level.