Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Golf Clubs

What is the process of a fitting?

The process of a fitting is that you will hit a sampling of shots with your current clubs to see what your tendencies are. We will then pull some heads and shaft combinations that we feel will suit your game best. We then put the clubs together. We will have a look together and see what best suits your eye. Once we determine the clubs that look good to your eye we will have you hit some with each and get your feedback on how the heads feel. From there we will test various shafts with the selected heads and dial in your optimal specs.

Do you fit indoors or outdoors?

In the summer we fit outdoors off grass, In the winter we fit inside in a simulator using the Trackman.

What are the benefits of getting fit for clubs?

The benefits of being custom fitted for your golf clubs is to ensure they are going to help maximize your potential and compliment your swing.  You are making a significant investment in your game, look at the fitting process as insurance on that investment.

Would a club fitting help for beginners?

Absolutely!  Even Tiger will tell you.  A pro golfer can play golf with any golf clubs.  They know how to adapt their swing to hit anything.  A novice golfer cannot hit a pro’s heavy, super stiff golf clubs.  The key to a beginner is to ensure that the clubs will not hinder the learning of the golf swing. The correct club length. Optimal head design with forgiveness, shaft weight, flex, grip size.

I have a set of clubs I like. Can they be custom fitted for me?

Absolutely. We don’t just sell new golf clubs. We sell performance! If you have a set of clubs you like but they are not performing well for you, come see us. We can retro fit and rebuild any set of clubs to optimize them for your game.

 I am currently working on my game.  Should I wait to get fitted?

The golf swing is ever evolving.  Even the top players in the world are still working on their swings.  You should definitely get fitted!  If we find that your clubs are not impeding what you are trying to accomplish with your swing, then we will wish you luck and send you away to continue on your journey. Often we can make a few tweaks to enhance your current clubs performance.

What is the difference between your custom fitting vs. my golf pro?

Great question.  Your golf pro is an expert in helping you with your golf swing. Typically, your golf pro is going to provide you with a limited selection of product available from the OEM fitting carts with a limited selection of brands. This is what we call a “Try this.  Try this.  Try this.” Fitting. We have spent the past 20 + years making it our business to know how the shafts, heads and grips will affect and enhance different swings and knowing which ones to put into which players hands.

Do custom clubs cost more?

Custom clubs do not necessarily cost more.  This is why we have fees for our expert services.  We do not charge unnecessary “Up charges”.  If we can find suitable shafts for you swing offered by the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers), then your clubs will not cost more.  Our base pricing is the same as the big box stores.

Will a fitting have me hitting the ball longer?

Yes!  We can typically find approximately 20 more yards for the average golfer.  Club head speed, ball speed, launch conditions and ball spin are the key variables for distance. When all of these are optimized for you, the ball will go further. With Trackman launch monitor technology it is very apparent when a golfer is not achieving their potential distance.

How long until I receive my new clubs?

Typically, the timeline to receive your new custom-built set will be 7 – 10 business days. Some special orders may be 2 – 3 weeks.

I have been fitted somewhere else. Am I able to order it from Jeff Shuster Golf?

Absolutely!  We are arguably the best builder’s around, and we are very competitive on our pricing.  Due to our long-standing relationship with all of the manufacturers we are able to buy at the best prices.  We are happy to build whatever you need.

What is the difference between OEM and Brand Agnostic fitting?

OEM’s often have their own fitting centers.  This is where they will help you choose the best options from what they carry within there, somewhat limited offerings. A brand agnostic fitting center, such as Jeff Shuster Golf, offer an unlimited array of OEM and Aftermarket components to choose from to build a set customized just for you.  For example, you could have a Callaway driver, Taylormade fairway woods and Mizuno irons.  Some may have “stock” shaft offerings, and some may have aftermarket shaft offerings.

What is the difference between upgraded or “aftermarket” shafts and “made for”options in most drivers?

When you see your favorite golfer on T.V. Sunday afternoon playing a Callaway or Taylormade driver. You may take note of the shaft they are playing. For example, the Fujikura Ventus.  That shaft is not the same as the Fujikura Ventus that you are buying when you buy that same driver off the rack at the big box stores. (The aftermarket Ventus is made with their proprietary Velocore technology to enhance the performance of the shaft. Shady? Deceiving?  Well, not entirely. It is unlikely that you swinging the same shaft as the best players in the world? This is a marketing driven concept. Golfers like to play what the pro’s play. So you get to, but it is watered down. Lesser quality materials, lower tolerances, and less consistent. LESS COST to the manufacturers as their stock offering. 

What is the difference between my equipment and tour pro’s equipment?

Tour pro’s equipment is all custom fit for them and built to the tightest tolerances. The equipment sold “off the rack” is mass produced often using lesser quality materials and have a much higher build tolerance. You may not be a tour pro, but having quality-built equipment specifically for you will certainly help to improve your game.

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