This page consists of industry partners endorsed by Jeff Shuster Golf due to their outstanding skills and services within their respective fields.

Coaching (GPC)

Our sport science specialists support all of our athletes during practices as well as by appointment. They also provide the coaching staff with comprehensive feedback on individual needs.


A handmade leather product, that'll rock your socks. Dormie Golf Workshop was created by PGA Canada members and brothers Jeff and Todd Bishop, with the intention of bringing fellow golfers really cool covers and allowing the customer to be involved in the process!


Target Golf & Fitness Institute, an indoor golf Simulator & Fitness facility conveniently located in Thornhill/Markham, Ontario. We offer indoor golf simulator practicing and golf academy for every golfers all year around.

Within Range Golf Centres provides customers a great place to practice. With 45 acres land at Thornhill( with 145 stations) and 20 acres land in Burlington(75 stations), we have exceptional grass and mat area for golfers to sharpen their long and short games.


I’m really happy with the results. I definitely noticed the lower trajectory with an “arching” ball flight which is what we were trying to achieve. Obviously I’m still tweaking my golf swing to be more consistent but when I’m swinging well the ball flight is great and flies straight or with a slight draw. Thanks again! Kim O

Hi Jeff Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the KZG Driver that you built for me. I recently debuted with much success at an annual golf tournament that I regularly attend. I crushed one about 300 yards into the fairway and won the prize. I highly recommend KZG and Jeff's fitting/building skill. Hal J