Premium Shaft Upgrade

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At Jeff Shuster Golf we offer industry specific solutions so that when you buy premium golf shafts from us, whether it be Matrix golf shafts, Fujikura golf shafts, Oban, UST, Accra golf shafts etc., you get nothing but the best. We are home to the largest selection of the most popular brands of custom golf shafts found world-wide. With a history and experience of 14 years in the golf equipment enhancement industry, our team of skilled technicians uses their abilities to build the exact custom fit as determined for you, to enhance your performance.  

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To order, or get a quote on your new performance golf shafts already sleeved, gripped and ready to insert, fill out the form above, or feel free to call us at 416 500-7070 or toll free 1-844-207-7070 or send an email to and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

I’m really happy with the results. I definitely noticed the lower trajectory with an “arching” ball flight which is what we were trying to achieve. Obviously I’m still tweaking my golf swing to be more consistent but when I’m swinging well the ball flight is great and flies straight or with a slight draw. Thanks again!     Kim O

First 3 games with the driver here in Florida...88, 82, 77. Hit this one 312...used a Bushnell to measure. Longest so far is 335 with a little wind helping. Still getting used to it but percentages are going up. Feels fantastic. Thank you. Tony I