As you may or may not know, Jeff Shuster Golf partnered with Parsons Extreme Golf (PXG) earlier this year.  PXG has exploded onto the scene and has enjoyed tremendous growth and success in the golf club manufacturing sector. 
Here is what a couple of our #PXGTroops are saying about their new clubs.
"Hi Jeff - Just wanted to give ya a PXG update.  I can't seem to stop shooting in the seventies - and if I don't it is usually the driver letting me down (not a PXG lol) - have come close to shooting scratch rounds 3 times in the last two weeks - shot 77 today and couldn't make a putt all day - had I dropped a few I would have easily shot 71 - might be something to these darn clubs after all the hype."
Cheers - S.K.
"Finally a club the lives up to the hype!
I have been playing golf for 50 years, and have never hit clubs like these.  I had my PXG irons built by Jeff at Jeff Shuster Golf with UST Recoil 125 shafts and the overall feel is sensational.  Centre hits travel 5-10 yards further than with my Epon 503's ( same shaft ) and slightly off centre hits don't lose more than 5 yards, so they are truly forgiving. These are the standard 0311 model, but I assume the tour model reacts much the same.  I had Jeff build me the 5 wood with an Oban Limited Edition Hashimoto and have since named it "money".  My 3 wood should be ready this week.
These are the best clubs I have ever owned and my friends at the range who try them agree.