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Golf Club Fitting Services

Golf Club Fitting Services

At Jeff Shuster Golf, we make sure you have everything you need to improve your performance and enjoy your playing time. As well as providing you with the best quality equipment available in the market, we offer an extensive list of services to take you to the next level.

Our Golf Club Fitting Process

Our golf club fitting is a one-on-one experience with zero pressure or judgment. No matter your skill level, we work with you to help improve your game and fit you with the right equipment.

With 20+ years of experience in golf club fitting along with Trackman 4 technology and full ball flight, we perform expert custom fitting services using the highest performing equipment in the industry. We specialize in and offer all of the major brands as well as all premium aftermarket shafts including Accra, Oban, Graphite Design, Project X, Mitsubishi, Fujikura and more.

Driver Fitting


Approximately 1 Hour

iron Fitting


Approximately 1.5 Hours

wedge Fitting


Approximately 1 Hour

Full Bag Fitting


Approximately 3.5 hours and
includes every club in the bag.

Long Game Fitting


Approximately 2.5 hours and
includes driver, woods, hybrids
and irons

Short Game Fitting


Approximately 2 hours and
includes wedges, and putter.

Putter Fitting


Approximately 1 Hour

Lie/Loft Fitting


Includes charting and

Re-shafting / Repairs Fitting

Please inquire

Reshaft or repair existing
set of clubs


What are the benefits of getting fit for clubs?

A: The benefit of being custom fitted for your golf clubs is that this service ensures your equipment is going to help maximize your potential and complement your swing. By getting professionally fit for clubs, you are making a significant investment in your game.

What is the main difference between my equipment and tour pros’ equipment?

A: Tour pros’ equipment is entirely fitted. They will play the aftermarket versions of shafts because of their tighter tolerances and performance benefits. At JSG, we have all of the top aftermarket shafts to set you up with the best fit for your swing.