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As an experienced and seasoned certified club fitter, Jeff has helped many customers and clients from beginners to Tour Pros improve their games by analyzing, custom building and retro fitting their golf equipment using the latest performance enhancing components available. More...


Jeff Shuster Golf Services stands behind all of our products and services.  All products carry original manufacturers warranty.


Make a huge difference in your game. Build ‘Your’ personally customized clubs from our huge selection of major brand and premium aftermarket components by choosing, head, shaft, grip, lie, loft etc. to optimize your game.




It is a well known fact that the shaft is ‘the engine’ that dictates the clubs performance. Order a new performance shaft already sleeved, gripped and ready for you to insert and get the same benefits as the Tour Pro's. You deserve the same!


I’m really happy with the results. I definitely noticed the lower trajectory with an “arching” ball flight which is what we were trying to achieve. Obviously I’m still tweaking my golf swing to be more consistent but when I’m swinging well the ball flight is great and flies straight or with a slight draw. Thanks again!     Kim O

The fitter at Core Academy in Orlando remarked after checking Samantha's clubs upon arrival a few weeks ago that they were the best fitted clubs that he has seen of any of the juniors from Canada; that he had to do no adjusting to them in any way. Especially considering what he had to do to Sam's Taylor Made clubs last year.      Samantha