Custom Club Fitting

  • Driver      $100.00 (Approximately 1hr)
  • Irons        $100.00 (Approximately 1.5hr)
  • Wedges    $100.00 (Approximately 1hr)
  • Putter       $100.00 (Approximately 1hr)
  • Full bag    $250.00 (Approximately 3hrs)

Retro Fitting – Custom Fitting Your Current Clubs

Do you have current golf clubs that are not performing as well as you would like? Why not have Jeff retro fit them to ensure the proper shaft, length, lie, and grip to best suit your swing?  We can rebuild any brand of clubs to better optimize your game using our vast selection of premium aftermarket shafts and grips.

Repairs and Alterations

Do you have a broken club or maybe you need your lie and loft angles adjusted or a fresh set of grips? We have a complete build shop on site to handle any repairs or alterations you may require. If you would like to schedule a club fitting or have an inquiry for Jeff, please contact him directly.

Phone: 416 500-7070       Email:

I’m really happy with the results. I definitely noticed the lower trajectory with an “arching” ball flight which is what we were trying to achieve. Obviously I’m still tweaking my golf swing to be more consistent but when I’m swinging well the ball flight is great and flies straight or with a slight draw. Thanks again! Kim O

Hi Jeff Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the new Driver that you built for me. I recently debuted with much success at an annual golf tournament that I regularly attend. I crushed one about 300 yards into the fairway and won the prize. I highly recommend Jeff's fitting/building skill. Hal J