Tailored. Performance. Results

For over 18 years Jeff Shuster has made it his mission to make your game better. At Jeff Shuster Golf Services, we do that utilizing the latest technology from FlightScope as well as Golf Simulators coupled with our own brand agnostic fitting processes. We also have a complete custom build facility featuring state of the art equipment from Mitchell Golf. Jeff has personally fit and built clubs for professional golfers, elite players and of course weekend warriors.

At Jeff Shuster Golf we CUSTOM TAILOR your equipment to your "personal" needs.  We offer only the best available brands from both OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) as well as top aftermarket component, shaft and grip manufacturers, including many exotic brands from around the world to enhance your overall PERFORMANCE.  We can also offer you that "personal touch" including custom paint finish and custom grinds upon request.

See our full list of brand offerings here.

We spend the necessary amount of time, utilizing our extensive years of experience to analyze your personal needs and provide you with the optimal equipment for your game.  

All of the above RESULTS in:

* more consistent, longer straighter shots 
* more confidence every time you address the ball
* lower overall scores
* more enjoyment in your golf experience.

Remember, no matter what the manufacturers claim in their advertising, a golf club consists of only three components, a head, a shaft and, a grip and is designed to accommodate the masses.  It is only through the custom fitting and building of the best-suited components, which results in the best-fit equipment.

At Jeff Shuster Golf, we custom fit and build your equipment to ensure our promised results. If you would like to schedule a fitting or have a personal consultation, please contact us at:  416-500-7070 or toll free 1-844-207-7070 or email:

I’m really happy with the results. I definitely noticed the lower trajectory with an “arching” ball flight which is what we were trying to achieve. Obviously I’m still tweaking my golf swing to be more consistent but when I’m swinging well the ball flight is great and flies straight or with a slight draw. Thanks again!     Kim O

Hi Jeff Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the new Driver that you built for me. I recently debuted with much success at an annual golf tournament that I regularly attend. I crushed one about 300 yards into the fairway and won the prize. I highly recommend Jeff's fitting/building skill.     Hal J